Many would agree that mixing business and friendship could be disastrous. However, confidants and colleagues Susan Egan and Karen Rymar are the exception to the rule.  Egan, an actress and Rymar, her personal assistant and business manager, say they feel more productive and enjoy working together.  "It's never just business, even when it is, " Rymar says.  Whether they're at a call back or on a girls' night out, the pair make the perfect team.  "She will drop everything for me," says Egan, who talks to Rymar up to several times a day about everything from relationships to their careers.  Continuously growing both personally and professionally, they feed off of each other's talent and temperament.  With a mutual appreciation of each other's zany sense of humor, they spend most of their time together making each other laugh and talking.  Egan, artistic director at her alma mater, the Orange County High School of the Arts, and Rymar, of Aliso Viejo, share a love for the arts and see the Pageant of the Masters every year.  With honesty at the crux of their relationship, the women say they're incapable of lying to each other.  "We trust in each other," says Rymar.