Susan Egan
By Robin Rauzi
The Broadway singer and dancer stars in the WB sitcom "Nikki."

Surprise Sushi Spot: I live in Beachwood Canyon, and there are some great restaurants right on Franklin Avenue. There's Prizzi's, a terrific Italian restaurant. And there's a great Japanese restaurant too, Tai Yo, where they have fantastic sushi. I like taking my friends there because they are always shocked. It's a really small hole in the wall; most people don't even know it's there. I'll usually get sushi and a teriyaki plate. I'm not a fan of seaweed, and they'll even make rolls with soy paper.

Ballet With Burn: My friend Sophie turned me on to this class in Cardio Barre. This place that does it, in Studio City, may be the only one. It's a ballet barre warmup, only it's a cardio workout, so everything you do feels like it's going to kill you. I don't know why, but the teacher, Richard, seems to pick on me a lot. I thought I was in shape until I took that class. I hate to exercise but I love to dance, so it's the perfect combination. If I go to that class, I've earned the rest of my weekend.

Just Browsing: My favorite thing to do is to wander around funky stores in L.A. If I'm in a clothing mood, I go to Melrose. Or if I'm in a furniture mood, I'll wander La Brea north of Wilshire. My favorite one right now is Chateau. I spent a lot of years with Ikea furniture. I'd go to friends' apartments and say, "Oh, I have that too." When I moved back here, I decided to become an adult and upgrade. I've been accumulating not hugely expensive furniture but unique things you're not going to see in every Pottery Barn.

Home Front: My parents live in Seal Beach, and I'll try to get down there on Sunday and hang out with them. I love talking with them. No matter what's going on in the entertainment industry or the world, we sit around this island in their kitchen and talk for hours. And then we'll go to their favorite restaurant, Spaghettini's. They have great house dressing on their salad. It's an amazing creamy garlic dressing and I don't care if it goes right to your thighs.