Transcript of Robert Armin's

online chat with
Susan Egan (March 17, 2003)


[Susan Egan chatted from her home in Southern California.  The conversation went very fast, so a few answers have been moved closer to their questions for the sake of clarity.]

[RobertArmin] Good evening and welcome to the Fynsworth Alley chat room. I've been hoping to get Susan Egan as my guest since we started in December but she's been VERY busy.

[RobertArmin] But she's finally here!

[RobertArmin] And I'm glad.

[RobertArmin] I met Susan in 1991 when she was playing Kim in the National Tour of Bye Bye Birdie.

[RobertArmin] Hiya, Susan!

[SusanEgan] Hola!

[RobertArmin] So, you've been VERY busy this past year. Tell us about your most unusual project.

[SusanEgan] MOST unusual

[SusanEgan] I have taken a year off (THAT'S a joke!) to help restructure an arts school here in Southern California. =)

[RobertArmin] Yeah, taking a year off implies no work.

[RobertArmin] But you've been working a bit.

[SusanEgan] 1200 kids! 7th-12th grade. ARTIST kids. They're lots of work, but oh so worth it!

[SusanEgan] Yes, Iíve been working too. First semester, my agents were not allowed to call,

[SusanEgan] but as of January I

[SusanEgan] (whoops) I've been back in the swing of things a bit -- trying to juggle both things.

[RobertArmin] You've been in several films, too?

[SusanEgan] I did shoot two independent films in January and March -- and have another in April.

[SusanEgan] And a few concerts here and there.

[RobertArmin] I've got some questions building up from readers, so let me send a few your way.

[SusanEgan] OK

[RobertArmin] juju writes: hello there. I do know Susan and to be completely upfront, I originally designed this site. I havenít checked in on it for a long time.

[SusanEgan] Hi everyone, by the way! Thanks for coming!

[SusanEgan] HELLO JuJu!

[SusanEgan] Sheís the talented one -- this one!

[SusanEgan] How's Baltimore?

[RobertArmin] juju writes: say hi to Susan for me...hey, I'll post on talkin broadway to see if others will join in....

[SusanEgan] She initially designed MY website, too!

[RobertArmin] tunefan writes: Hi Susan - It's Nancy McDuffie, one of the fans who followed you around the country in Bye Bye Birdie!!

[SusanEgan] Good Lord! Nice to chat with you again!

[RobertArmin] tunefan writes: Would have loved to see you in Show Boat with Douglas Sills. What role did you perform?

[SusanEgan] I played Julie -- strangely. The LA times wrote -- "there were two wonderful Magnolias in tonightís production -- unfortunately one of them played Julie." SO FUNNY!

[SusanEgan] I guess they thought since I had black hair I could be Julie?

[RobertArmin] Yes, that is an interesting choice

[RobertArmin] I was just about to say that.

[RobertArmin] :-)

[SusanEgan] But it's the BOWL -- who am I to say no to a job?

[RobertArmin] ronp writes: I really enjoy "Nothing" and "Joshua Noveck" on your CDs. Do you like singing songs like those?

[SusanEgan] LOVE Joshua Noveck -- I sing it in my act, too.

[SusanEgan] Nothing was my first taste of success -- I won a talent contest when I was 15 with that song.

[RobertArmin] juju writes: lol. Baltimore is happenin'. My question: do you plan on staying on at OCHSA as artistic director?

[SusanEgan] No -- I'm at OCHSA (Orange County High School of the Arts) for one year only -- but I will continue to consult.

[RobertArmin] So let's get back to your performing career! When did you first start singing publicly?

[SusanEgan] I feel -- the longer I stay there the less valuable I am to them. What makes me useful is that I have my foot in the industry. Make sense?

[RobertArmin] And of course, you were a dancer, too

[RobertArmin] Which came first for you?

[SusanEgan] I suppose I started when I was 15-16 -- kind of late actually for a performer.

[RobertArmin] Was Birdie your first major professional job?

[SusanEgan] Right. I actually started as an ice skater -- which took me to ballet. When I stopped skating -- I kept up with dance and that led to musical theatre

[RobertArmin] Were you Olympic material?

[SusanEgan] Birdie was the break! Got my Equity card with that!!

[RobertArmin] If there were a singing category at the Olympics you'd win for sure.

[SusanEgan] Not Olympic material -- I was WAY too artsy. More art than sport, you know?

[RobertArmin] You did Birdie first in St. Louis?

[SusanEgan] Actually a REALLY cool thing just happened!

[RobertArmin] What?

[SusanEgan] Sarah Hughes SKATED in her TV special to MY voice -- and a FYNSWORTH tune, too!

[RobertArmin] Wow

[RobertArmin] Which one

[RobertArmin] Is it on TV now?

[SusanEgan] She used the "I'm Flying" from the Peter Pan CD by Fynsworth. It was like my world's colliding. =) Cool.

[SusanEgan] It was on maybe a month ago?

[RobertArmin] Ironic, because Sandy Duncan was my guest just two weeks ago.

[SusanEgan] PLEASE excuse my typos, kids. I tap, but don't type.

[RobertArmin] And she never got to record that song!

[RobertArmin] Well type dancing classes start next week!

[SusanEgan] I love Sandy, tho -- don't you?

[RobertArmin] Adore her. I'm hoping to work with her later this summer.

[SusanEgan] She's a jewel -- everyone says.

[RobertArmin] juju asks: When did you KNOW that you had a beautiful voice. You said you started late: what was it like to realize you could sing?

[SusanEgan] Oh good Lord. I still wonder. Truly.

[SusanEgan] I hear a beautiful singer and I think -- I'm a hack. =)

[RobertArmin] You were certainly the best singer to ever play Sally Bowles. I think I can state that without fear of contradiction!

[SusanEgan] I think what makes my singing work is not my voice -- it's nothing special. I think maybe its the acting.

[RobertArmin] samcraig writes: Question for Susan: Susan... you've "done it all" - film, tv, recordings, stage work - what is your fav. medium and why? (btw... I have oft said to our mutual friend Donald that I would pay to hear you read the phone book).

[SusanEgan] I always thought I had to really act well, because others definitely have better instruments.

[RobertArmin] In my book, you're right up there with Karen Ziemba and Sandy Duncan as great singing actresses.

[SusanEgan] I like all the mediums, because they feed each other. They also keep me from burning out in any one.

[RobertArmin] samcraig adds: p.s. just saw Chris Seiber in a reading of The Robber Bridegroom - he says hi!

[SusanEgan] I LOVE Chris.

[SusanEgan] What a joy to tackle him to the floor 8 shows a week in Triumph. =) He's dreamy.

[RobertArmin] He's taken over for Marc Kudisch in Millie!

[SusanEgan] I hear heís marvelous in MILLIE

[RobertArmin] You remember Marc...

[SusanEgan] Love Marc, too. And both played Gaston.

[SusanEgan] Marc was hysterical as Birdie.

[RobertArmin] CAFan writes: what was it like working with Chris in Triumph of Love?

[SusanEgan] I got paid to kiss him -- doesn't get much better. =)

[RobertArmin] mschoepp writes: Triumph of Love was great. Any favorite memories or stories?

[SusanEgan] He and I were the only ones to do the pre-Bway and on Bway of TRIUMPH -- that bonded us as well.

[RobertArmin] You would be fabulous as Millie. Have you considered it?

[SusanEgan] I loved when the set broke down and our OSCAR winner, F Murray, froze. CRACKED me up.

[SusanEgan] Also Betty and I would kiss after her big song each night (I played a boy remember)

[SusanEgan] and she was always so emotional after the song -- she had tears and (yes) snot all over her. She always apologized. =)

[SusanEgan] Funny lady.

[RobertArmin] CAFan asks: did u enjoy having a mentee, Abigail, in the pre-Broadway production? What was the experience like?

[RobertArmin] Not sure what that means.

[SusanEgan] me either.

[RobertArmin] samcraig asks: OK - so who's a better kisser - Betty or Chris? lol

[SusanEgan] Hmmmmmm

[SusanEgan] Let's see....

[SusanEgan] Uhhhhhh ......... Christopher!!! But I'm biased. =)

[SusanEgan] Terry Mannís not bad either. =)

[SusanEgan] Hee, hee

[RobertArmin] Terry's back in Les Miz again!

[SusanEgan] You are KIDDING!!! I'd love to see him in it!

[RobertArmin] Jumping off that bridge eight times a week.

[RobertArmin] He's in till the last performance, from what I hear

[RobertArmin] And Colm Wilkinson is coming back.

[SusanEgan] There were times in Beast when I think he'd have liked a bridge to jump off. =)

[SusanEgan] Colm. He is god

[SusanEgan] When does it close?

[RobertArmin] CAFan adds: the pre-Broadway production of "Triumph of Love" at Center Stage in Baltimore... Abigail Margulis was your mentee

[RobertArmin] I think in mid-May

[RobertArmin] Is that a word - mentee?

[RobertArmin] It is now...

[SusanEgan] YES -- Abigail! I had thought you meant matinee. SO sorry. She was a sweetheart. Is she here tonight?

[RobertArmin] juju writes: How does it feel to have Spirited Away up for best animated film? And how is it that Lin looks like you?

[SusanEgan] Isn't that weird? I even think she and I look alike. More than Meg.

[RobertArmin] CAFan writes: I'm her webmistress and we just talked about you - she said to say hi

[SusanEgan] I love that its nominated

[RobertArmin] Well, Meg was a meanie.

[RobertArmin] She couldn't look like you.

[SusanEgan] I went to the Annies -- the animation awards last month -- and it won best picture. I hope it does again.

[SusanEgan] Robert, you know me better that that -- I'm a BIG FAT MEANIE!!!!

[RobertArmin] I'm looking forward to the DVD

[SusanEgan] Yeah, me too

[RobertArmin] Oh, yeah, right.... uh huh!

[SusanEgan] It was amazing to record it to picture. Hard. and fun.

[RobertArmin] Did you get to hear the original Japanese when you did it?

[RobertArmin] ronp asks: How has the television exposure (Nikki) changed your personal life?

[SusanEgan] Nikki hasn't really changed any of our lives. =) Ha!

[RobertArmin] What, you're not recognized in the supermarket?

[SusanEgan] I do get the occasional -- hey aren't you ..... But that's it. =)

[SusanEgan] My hair is no longer black, either.

[RobertArmin] Glad to hear that. I liked your original hair.

[RobertArmin] Hey, you didn't answer my question about Millie. Would you want to do it.

[SusanEgan] Oh ... Millie. Well I do have the right hair for THAT!

[RobertArmin] And the taps... if not the types.

[RobertArmin] samcraig writes: I loved Susan's plucky MEG! and her song.... I saw Susan perform that at Disneyworld in a mini concert she had there.... sigh

[SusanEgan] I was offered the workshop 1000 years ago -- like in 95. But decided to do Triumph. Funny, huh?

[RobertArmin] Well, Rob Marshall walked away, too. Whatever happened to him?

[SusanEgan] Sutton taps better. =) But I'm a big meanie -- so I do have THAT.

[SusanEgan] Hee, hee. ROB!!! I'm so excited for him!

[RobertArmin] Just another week away!

[RobertArmin] I think he may get it.

[RobertArmin] We'll see.

[RobertArmin] There is a TV movie being planned. You should go after the Rosie role!

[SusanEgan] I just saw Doug Besterman -- like an hour ago -- he orchestrated Chicago -- I love when good NY theatre types get BIG!

[RobertArmin] I meant to say, a movie of Birdie.

[RobertArmin] It's supposed to be a feature film, not for TV

[SusanEgan] They already did it with Vanessa -- you can't mean they're going to do it again.

[RobertArmin] According to Charles Strouse

[RobertArmin] Yes, Columbia is planning a big screen version.

[RobertArmin] No one saw the TV version...

[SusanEgan] For that one, they said I was too old to play Kim on TV -- which at 22 I was. But then they cast a 30 year old!

[SusanEgan] They use big names for the movies. =) Rosie will be Julia Roberts. =)

[RobertArmin] I've heard her sing in the Woody Allen movie. I hope not!

[SusanEgan] Or Jlo

[SusanEgan] J Lo is what I meant

[RobertArmin] CAFan asks: Will you be doing anything prior to the NJ concert in May?

[SusanEgan] Thank you samcraig, by the way

[RobertArmin] samcraig adds: Susan - how's your buddy Jason?

[SusanEgan] I'm filming some things and have a gig in Orlando -- but I'm afraid I'm working at the school until then. =0

[SusanEgan] Jason Graae?

[SusanEgan] I saw him yesterday at a matinee of a David Ives play.

[RobertArmin] samcraig says Yes.

[SusanEgan] He's a big opera star now, you know.

[RobertArmin] Jason's on Six Feet Under, I think.

[SusanEgan] Isn't that hysterical?

[RobertArmin] He's playing the artistic director of the Gay Men's Chorus.

[SusanEgan] He show 6 Feet a few months back -- last summer. Love him on that.

[SusanEgan] I meant -- he shot ...

[RobertArmin] Right. It was on this week, I think.

[SusanEgan] I'm a few weeks behind on my 6 feet -- but have it on TiVo.

[RobertArmin] You're so modern,

[SusanEgan] Love Michael Hall on it. He was the MC when I did Cabaret. =)

[RobertArmin] I still have a VCR

[SusanEgan] I could never work a VCR

[RobertArmin] Yes, I saw him. He was great.

[SusanEgan] Yep

[RobertArmin] I think you and Marc Kudisch should do the new Broadway version of Birdie. As Rosie and Albert.

[SusanEgan] Ha!

[SusanEgan] Okay.

[RobertArmin] I'll see what I can do.

[SusanEgan] Thanks!

[RobertArmin] The questions are building up. Let me see what I have here.

[SusanEgan] D'accord

[RobertArmin] samcraig asks: Susan - any more duets with Lisa Richard in the works?

[SusanEgan] Lisa is now on the road with Mama Mia -- isn't that wonderful? She's in Boston now.

[SusanEgan] But I'll sing with her anytime!

[RobertArmin] ronp asks: Any plans for a new CD? Or does someone need to invite you to London?

[SusanEgan] I do have plans. New material. =) Just in the beginning stages.

[SusanEgan] I want a CD of songs that people can then use for their own acts. I can never find new stuff that I love, so I thought I'd make it. =)

[RobertArmin] A decade ago, Ira Levin gave me a copy of the script to Drat! The Cat! I so wanted to direct a production of it but he was holding out for a major revival. Has anyone approached you about that yet?

[RobertArmin] You were soooo great on the CD.

[RobertArmin] of Drat! The Cat

[SusanEgan] Jason and I have been trying to get Drat done for a few years now. But our schedules and $ keep getting in the way.

[RobertArmin] You should invite the BMG and ASCAP composers to contribute their best songs to you.

[RobertArmin] They would love to have you record their stuff

[RobertArmin] And you could premiere it

[SusanEgan] Hey what a good idea. =) ..... I had a meeting with ASCAP two weeks ago. =)

[RobertArmin] It would be great for people to write specifically for you.

[SusanEgan] That's in the works as well.

[SusanEgan] I have my favorite young composers -- its just a matter of me getting a chance to woo them. The school is keeping me pretty busy until May.

[SusanEgan] But I like the way you think!

[RobertArmin] Curley writes: Hi, Susan. Robert and I got to catch the final performance of Tommy Tune's White Tie and Tails. Got hugs afterwards on stage from Michael Biagi, Bobby H. and Patrick. So many Birdie folks have been working Broadway this year as well. Do you ever cross paths with Steve Zahn and Robin? Passed Liz and Jerry on my block Sunday with their beautiful daughter.

[RobertArmin] Guess who Curley is...

[SusanEgan] Hmmmm. Curley. =)

[RobertArmin] Keep it hush-hush.

[RobertArmin] samcraig writes: Susan - how did you get involved with the Drat the Cat CD?

[SusanEgan] I used to see Robin pretty regularly at auditions here in LA, but she's a mommy now and I think taking a few years off. Steve is doing so well!!

[SusanEgan] I see Brian Paul Mendoza every so often here, though. =)

[SusanEgan] Drat was actually offered to me -- isn't that amazing and lucky for me?

[SusanEgan] I had never heard it, but fell in love instantly. Jason and I had the best time in the studio!

[RobertArmin] You were perfect for the Leslie Warren role

[RobertArmin] It's a great script, too.

[SusanEgan] I LOVE funny ingenue roles!

[RobertArmin] juju writes: How about recording your own songs? Didnít you write a song called "Sonnet" It knocked me out...

[SusanEgan] Meeting Ira Levin was very cool

[RobertArmin] So he's on your side, too, I imagine.

[SusanEgan] MAYBE Sonnet will be on it -- love the rhyme?

[RobertArmin] Just trying to get the money, huh?

[RobertArmin] You're a poet -- and you know it.

[SusanEgan] We wanted to do Drat with one of the concert series, but no luck.

[RobertArmin] Encores will never get around to it... Too bad. That's the kind of thing they SHOULD be doing.

[SusanEgan] I'm chewing gum now and offer you all a pience.

[SusanEgan] piece.

[RobertArmin] tunefan writes: Curley - do I know you. I correspond with Biagi, Patrick and Bobby H often. Saw Biagi direct What Ever Happened to Baby Jane in Houston.

[SusanEgan] Yeah the concert series are now even stuck doing name pieces.

[SusanEgan] Curley was in the show, but I'm keeping my mouth shut.

[SusanEgan] You gotta be sincere!

[RobertArmin] Curley writes: You would remember me fainting four times a night as the Mayor's Wife in Bye, Bye Birdie.

[RobertArmin] The secret's out!

[SusanEgan] Dat's what I'm talkin about

[SusanEgan] You still are kind of the mayor's wife right now.

[RobertArmin] tunefan writes: Of course I remember you...

[RobertArmin] Her husband is a nice guy.

[RobertArmin] But back to you!!!!

[RobertArmin] What shows are in the planning stage --other than Drat! The Cat! What roles would you like to do?

[SusanEgan] Actually -- someone thought of a good one the other day that intrigues me -- Sweet Charity. Thoughts?

[SusanEgan] I'm taking votes and requests.

[RobertArmin] You would be so good in that! But Marisa Tomei got the deal!

[RobertArmin] ???

[SusanEgan] Are they doing it?

[SusanEgan] Is it Bway?

[RobertArmin] The Weisslers are planning it, I think.

[RobertArmin] No, not the Weisslers, someone else

[RobertArmin] I'm trying to think...

[SusanEgan] You see? Gotta be a name.

[RobertArmin] But it is planned for this year.

[RobertArmin] Neil Simon is rewriting his book. Cy Coleman is making changes.

[RobertArmin] And Tomei is supposed to be Charity.

[RobertArmin] But there

[SusanEgan] The book is perfect

[RobertArmin] may still be hope

[RobertArmin] Call somebody.

[RobertArmin] Anybody

[RobertArmin] Please

[RobertArmin] tunefan and Curley both think you would be fabulous as Charity... but who wouldn't

[RobertArmin] What are some of the roles you have played that we in New York don't know about. I know you've done lots of things out there in California.

[SusanEgan] I did Hello Again. Putting It Together, just did Amy's View last fall.

[RobertArmin] Sound of Music and South Pacific, too?

[SusanEgan] I am negotiating to do The Last Five years here next winter.

[RobertArmin] Great, I may finally get to see it. Just bought the CD but haven't heard it yet.

[SusanEgan] Right. South Pacific, SOM, and Molly Brown actually.

[SusanEgan] All in Sacramento

[RobertArmin] Sacramento is so great. You get to catch up with all the great roles and only have to put in a couple of weeks work.

[SusanEgan] True -- and get to hang out after the show with different casts of people. It's like summer camp for an actor with so many shows going on

[RobertArmin] peabody asks; what do you think about the Tonys being broadcast totally by CBS, instead of the first hour on PBS this year?

[SusanEgan] Will PBS broadcast all of it?

[SusanEgan] I mean CBS

[RobertArmin] Yes, CBS is doing all three hours

[SusanEgan] Great!!!

[RobertArmin] With LOTS of commercials

[SusanEgan] The Tonys are a commercial -- for Broadway! =)

[RobertArmin] ronp asks: Why didn't you do Putting it Together on Broadway?

[SusanEgan] I was offered Cabaret.

[RobertArmin] It actually worked out okay. We got you in Cabaret and Ruthie Henshall in Putting It Together.

[SusanEgan] I had been wanting to work with Sam Mendes for a long time. I was kind of a fan before anyone knew him here in the states -- he directed Little Voice in London.

[RobertArmin] Did you get to actually work with him?

[SusanEgan] Negotiations for PIT were tough. Cameron Macintosh. Tough.

[SusanEgan] Yes -- worked with Sam

[RobertArmin] Who are some of your favorite directors?

[SusanEgan] And also his GREAT assistant, BT McNichol. He was wonderful.

[RobertArmin] I wasn't as wrong as I thought...

[RobertArmin] Jojopa writes: you were right, it is the Weisslers that are producing along with Clear Channel... Marisa--can't picture her. Susan, you would be fabulous!

[SusanEgan] Michael Mayer to be sure. Sam. Gene Saks. Jamie Hammerstein was always really kind to me.

[SusanEgan] I worked with a director this year, Jessica Kubzansky -- I loved her.

[RobertArmin] And sometime, maybe, I will get to direct you in something. I have several shows you would be terrific in.

[SusanEgan] You got it!

[RobertArmin] My new script of What Makes Sammy Run? is premiering in nine days at Hofstra University -- but I'm not directing.

[SusanEgan] Wow -- are you going tho?

[SusanEgan] Thatís amazing!

[RobertArmin] I've been attending rehearsals -- and putting in my twelve cents.

[SusanEgan] Thatís better than your ten cents

[RobertArmin] Someday you should play Kit Sargent.

[RobertArmin] You would, of course, be perfect.

[RobertArmin] So what else is new?

[SusanEgan] New? Hmmmmm

[RobertArmin] This chat is going fast!

[SusanEgan] I'm in the midst of pilot season and that's always odd.

[SusanEgan] Hollywood is a strange place.

[SusanEgan] Suddenly I'm auditioning for mother's of 16 year olds. WHEN would I have had this child? In high school? =)

[SusanEgan] But everyone on TV has to be young, so they never really do the math. =)

[RobertArmin] samcraig adds: yes.. HollyWEIRD!

[SusanEgan] Yes ... home sweet home.

[RobertArmin] The Arliss episode was some of your best work. That dance was so beautiful!

[SusanEgan] Hello pj9, jojopa, any questions?

[RobertArmin] I wanted you to get together with him.

[SusanEgan] Thanks -- we had fun shooting that -- but it took until like 4 in the morning. =)

[RobertArmin] Samcraig, repost your question, I lost it.

[SusanEgan] I got paid to kiss Keith Carradine in that show! Nice work if you can get it.

[SusanEgan] Peabody? Question?

[RobertArmin] samcraig writes: Susan - love the track "Joshua Noveck" - how did you find that song? You sing it so well. I love your version and also Tammy Minoff's... who did it first?

[RobertArmin] peabody asks: any television shows you'd like to get on?

[SusanEgan] Tammy did it and I stole it from that recording. =)

[RobertArmin] Yes, that was on one of Bruce Kimmel's albums.

[SusanEgan] I'd like to do a new show for TV. Though I'd love to guest on West Wing or 6 Feet just because Iím a fan. Or 24!!

[SusanEgan] Yeah -- Bruce led me to that song.

[RobertArmin] Jojopa writes: I missed the beginning of the chat, so sorry if this has been covered. Where is this concert in NJ going to be?

[SusanEgan] On May 29 and 31 (I think) Iím in Newark and on the 30th I'm in Trenton.

[SusanEgan] Ron Raines, Doug LaBreque and myself with the Jersey Symphony. All Bway music.

[RobertArmin] peabody also asks: growing up, who was an inspiration to you?

[RobertArmin] samcraig writes: Newark and Trenton? Susan, Susan, Susan.. THIS is why you aren't in Sweet Charity - who's your agent.. I'm calling them RIGHT NOW!! lol

[SusanEgan] In the LA area -- I'll be performing at a benefit called LIFE'S A STITCH which will raise money for the Susan Love Breast Center. Itís on June 14th at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California. LOTS of amazing folks will be performing.

[SusanEgan] The PAC in Newark is supposed to be amazing actually. But, yes, Jersey is frowned upon by the elite. =) I sang with the Chicago Symphony last summer -- does that make you feel better? =)

[RobertArmin] samcraig writes: The Chicago Symphony - yes.. that makes me feel better. When can I get a private concert? Would you sing at my wedding? lol

[RobertArmin] juju asks: Is this the same show you did at Wolf Trap which is a beautiful, prestigious venue. :)

[SusanEgan] Wolftrap was actually different. Chicago was all Porter.

[RobertArmin] pj9 writes: Sorry if this has already been discussed but I came in late What have you learned and what other goals do you have as a "teacher" this year?

[SusanEgan] Teacher goals are simple: keep arts in our education.

[RobertArmin] tunefan writes: Susan - great chatting with you - I'm ready for a Birdie reunion.....

[RobertArmin] That's a great idea! You should have one in New York one of these days.

[RobertArmin] peabody asks: what do you think of Audra McDonaldís new tv fame? the show seems to be doing okay for now..

[SusanEgan] I love Audra's show -- I TiVo that, too. Watched 3 episodes in a row the other night. She's such a lovely actress -- truly -- I just think she is SO natural. She also has a wonderful humor. I like Josh Brolin, too!

[RobertArmin] In re the Birdie reunion, Curley writes: We'll get Fran and Barry to host.

[SusanEgan] You got a budget for your wedding? You hear that saying always a bridesmaid -- well mine is always the wedding singer? I've sung for all my friends and family and have yet to walk down the aisle myself. So now I only sing for money. =)

[SusanEgan] Birdie reunion -- yes!

[RobertArmin] We'll find a nice man for you...

[RobertArmin] samcraig writes: Ahh well -- we can kill two birds with one stone - you can marry me and then it's an all in one package ;)

[SusanEgan] I actually have a very nice man. =)

[RobertArmin] Good to know!

[SusanEgan] But thanks Sam

[RobertArmin] Any hints?

[RobertArmin] About who it is?

[SusanEgan] Not in musical theatre. In a different end of the biz.

[RobertArmin] Very wise.

[RobertArmin] peabody asks: anybody you reeally, reaallly want to work with in the future?

[SusanEgan] Steve Martin

[SusanEgan] Anthony Hopkins

[SusanEgan] Christine Nevins. =)

[RobertArmin] Speaking of Kristine, Curley writes: Speaking of reunions, it was a hoot when my 42ND STREET cast met the Munich cast of Grease several years ago at the Hoftbrauhaus and who should be there but Vince D.

[SusanEgan] Damn -- I know it was a K!

[RobertArmin] You're not graded for spelling mistakes.

[SusanEgan] Vincent!! I ran into him last year in NY

[SusanEgan] Looks exactly the same!

[RobertArmin] tunefan writes: What is Vince doing these days? He's one we lost track of.

[SusanEgan] Still picking up the ladies. =)

[SusanEgan] He's smooth!

[RobertArmin] tunefan writes: Yes - Barry and Fran can host the reunion. Beverly - the other birdie fan - and I can coordinate!!

[RobertArmin] Curley writes: I actually catch up once in awhile at McHale's.

[SusanEgan] Shall we all meet in Tahiti then? =)

[RobertArmin] Sounds good, if Fran and Barry pick up the tab.

[SusanEgan] Or McHales -- that works, too. Great burgers!

[RobertArmin] I have now directed four waitresses from McHales!

[SusanEgan] They are very talented -- what can I say?

[RobertArmin] Great burgers and actresses

[SusanEgan] That's right. And Guinness

[RobertArmin] And Curley says: and McSorley's

[RobertArmin] Wow, I can't believe how fast this has gone.

[SusanEgan] I like their potato plates, too.

[SusanEgan] No kidding!!

[SusanEgan] Any last questions?

[SusanEgan] Last requests?

[SusanEgan] Last words?

[SusanEgan] Lasting thoughts?

[RobertArmin] Samcraig asks: Susan - have you ever seen BatB since you left the show? Who have you seen as Belle?

[RobertArmin] Dank asks: Do you have any more recordings due out soon?

[SusanEgan] I haven't seen it since I left. But I did see it when I was still in it, but out with a broken foot. I saw three of my understudies go on -- they were all wonderful. I stole things from them. =)

[RobertArmin] peabody asks: Any desire to re-join the Beauty and the Beast cast?

[SusanEgan] Nah -- I'm too old and jaded. Let the youngsters have their fun. =)

[RobertArmin] samcraig adds: Ahh I do Kerry Butler's website (she's in LA today because she scored a pilot)... so I had to ask the Belle question ;)

[RobertArmin] peabody adds: Happy St. Patrick's Day, btw! Are you Irish, Susan?

[SusanEgan] Congrats to Kerry. I never got to see her in the show, but I hear she was glorious.

[SusanEgan] Completely Irish! Susan Farrell Egan -- doesn't get much more green than that!

[RobertArmin] Well, sure and begorrah

[SusanEgan] Kiss the blarney

[RobertArmin] I remember when you were doing Birdie you were going to audition for State Fair -- the original try-out

[SusanEgan] Yep -- got it!

[RobertArmin] I gave you the souvenir booklet from the original 78 set for good luck. And of course you got the part.

[RobertArmin] As a last question peabody ask: Any memories from "State Fair" that you'd like to share?

[SusanEgan] Loved State Fair! The young man who played my brother, Michael Hayden -- I actually later played opposite him in Cabaret when he came in as Cliff. =) He's one of my favorite actors.

[RobertArmin] Actually, Curley gets the last one (because she's standing over my shoulder): Any desire to return to Anthropological studies someday?

[SusanEgan] I think I've basically written my cultural anthropological thesis this year working with high school kids! =)

[RobertArmin] Wow, this went fast. It was so worth waiting for your schedule to open up. As I wrote earlier you were one of the very first people I asked last December.

[SusanEgan] You are the bee's knees.

[SusanEgan] Thanks Robert!

[RobertArmin] You ain't so bad yourself.

[SusanEgan] This was a blast!

[SusanEgan] Thank you all for coming to the party!

[RobertArmin] I'm gonna go and listen to So Far now.

[SusanEgan] Hee, hee.

[SusanEgan] Don't forget to pick up the new Sherman Brothers CD on Fynsworth!

[RobertArmin] Good night, everyone. Next week, Stephen Schwartz will be my guest!

[SusanEgan] It comes out soon and I get to sing a song from Charlotte's Web!!

[SusanEgan] Say hi to Stephen!

[RobertArmin] Goodnight, everyone!