Susan Egan Coffee House
Review by Seth Bisen-Hersh  
Susan Egan displays a new side of her musical tastes and talents with her new recording, Coffee House.  A “premium blend” of cabaret, theater and folk songs, this disc is a mellow, relaxing listen.  Egan’s tone glistens as she shows off her shimmering soprano and rich alto.  The highlights of the recording are its center – tracks 6 through 10.  “Across 9th Avenue” and “Oh, How I Loved You” are beautiful ballads (the latter with some exquisite rhymes) about lost and missed chances at love.  Egan hilariously performs Jerry Herman’s sultry, jazzy, show stopping “Where in the World is My Prince.”  “I Can’t Believe My Heart,” which was cut from Hercules is melodic and catchy. Finally, her duet with Terrence Mann of Jains Ian’s Roses is quite sweet and sentimental, reuniting Egan with her “sexy beast.”